ACCF 2023 Impact Statement


As a local 501(c)3 nonprofit our goal is to offer financial assistance to patients in cancer treatment regardless of where they are treated. Our help allows them to focus on their health.

we have a wonderful annual event held the second Saturday of June each year, our annual Masquerade Ball is our premier event, a night of masking cancer and celebrating survivors!

In 2021 we were able to help:

111 patients from 4 centers under 28 physicians’ care by paying $97,134.92 on the following 278 bills:

  • 94 utility bills
  • 103 copays/medication/medical supplies
  • 16 patients’ groceries
  • 28 transportation bills
  • 35 housing bills

We paid bills for patients from the following centers:

  • 4 from Gulf Coast Cancer Center = $1,000
  • 48 from Infirmary Cancer Care = $15,982
  • 97 Mitchell Cancer Institute = $22,273
  • 129 Southern Cancer Center= $57,880

We have a wonderful event planned for late spring. Our 3rd Annual Masquerade Ball is 6/11/2022. This is quickly becoming our premiere event. More information is available at

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As always, thank you for all that you do to help us help cancer patients in south Alabama regardless of where they receive treatment.

-Joan Kellis